The firm provides advisory services in connection with the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, commonly known as Prop 65.  We have assisted clients with navigating Prop 65 claims through each step of litigation and dispute resolution.  From the initial receipt of a Notice of Violation to negotiation of a settlement with plaintiffs’ attorneys, clients rely on our hard work and experience to seek a favorable outcome.  Our attorneys understand and are sensitive to the interests and needs of each client and work diligently to advocate for the client and minimize the impact of Prop 65 claims on their business. 

In addition to general litigation support, we also provide compliance counseling for Prop 65.  We review safe harbor warnings and assist clients with updating existing warning labels to ensure they are compliant with regulations.  We also work with clients to craft contract provisions and indemnity agreements to allocate liability up the supply chain for Prop 65 claims.  Clients turn to us because we provide multi-faceted services to address Prop 65 concerns not just from the perspective of resolving the immediate case at hand but also minimizing the risk of future claims. 


Prop 65

In recent years, the firm has defended and advocated for clients in litigation related to food and product labeling, including Proposition 65 claims and “natural” claims.

Mr. Teraoka has counseled clients through every stage of a dispute from pre-litigation negotiations to successful settlement.

The firm has defended clients in Prop 65 cases including complex litigation and single defendant claims involving only one product. The firm has also defended Prop 65 claims before the California Attorney General's office.