Commercial Litigation

The firm’s litigation group handles litigation for corporate and individual clients regarding all aspects of business litigation, including contractual disputes, distributorship litigation, lease termination, commercial unlawful detainers, product endorsement issues, contractor and construction project disputes, product liability litigation, employment termination matters, securities fraud litigation, executive termination disputes, as well as general commercial litigation.

Mr. Teraoka has tried jury and non-jury cases, argued appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (BAP), and arbitrated and mediated numerous types of cases, as well as tried administrative hearings before the California Public Utilities Commission.

Mr. Teraoka’s leading case in California was In Re Western Travel Plaza, a case before the California Public Utilities Commission that deregulated motor carrier transportation regulation covering sightseeing operations in California in 1980. This landmark case was appealed to the California Supreme Court by opponents including the California Bus Association and other major transportation carriers, and review was ultimately denied by then Chief Justice Rose Bird.

The ruling achieved by Mr. Teraoka became law in California motor carrier regulation in sightseeing operations, and opened the way for tour bus carriers to competitively serve the Bay Area.


Prop 65 - Defense

The firm has defended and advocated for clients in litigation related to food and product labeling, including claims brought under the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (“Proposition 65”).  

Mr. Teraoka and our defense team have counseled clients from pre-litigation negotiations to successful settlement.  The firm has defended clients in Prop 65 cases including complex litigation and single defendant claims involving only one product. The firm has also handled Prop 65 claims brought by the California Attorney General's office. 

We routinely provide advice and counsel to clients at all levels of the chain of distribution from manufacturers, distributors and retailers who may be subject to Prop 65 Notices of Violation related to food and consumer products.  Our attorneys have a proven track record of negotiating successful settlements and consent judgments for resolution of claims. 

Litigation in this area is on the increase and our clients turn to us for guidance in navigating these types of claims to best minimize the impact to ongoing business.  


Contract Disputes

We assist our client with negotiating and settling business disputes, successfully resolving matters before they develop into costly litigation.


Commercial Arbitration and Mediation

Our firm has guided clients through the mediation and arbitration process for the successful outcome of business disputes.


Jury Trials

Mr. Teraoka has tried jury trials, one of which included a six week jury trial in Los Angeles County involving franchise litigation, resulting in a favorable verdict for $467,000. He assisted and co-counseled a trial regarding a complex international construction contract dispute before a jury in Alameda County resulting in a favorable net verdict of $1,300,000.