The firm’s resources include translating and interpreting capabilities in Japanese to meet our clients’ needs. Various members of the firm are in regular contact with overseas clientele, particularly in Japan, and have developed relations with various foreign attorneys to seek advice or for use in referral matters. Mr. Teraoka was invited to join U.S. Japan Council, an organization fully dedicated to strengthening ties between the United States and Japan in a global context. In November 2015, Mr. Teraoka traveled with USJC leaders to visit the Tohoku region, and saw the grace and resilience with which these residents continue to grapple with the aftermath and rebuilding from the great East Japan Earthquake. In 1995, Mr. Teraoka was appointed by California Senator Hilda L. Solis as part of an 11-person statewide business advisory committee to the California Senate Sub-Committee on Asia Trade and Commerce. Mr. Teraoka served the Committee and has testified before the Sub-Committee on California-Japan business matters.


Interpreting Services


Translation Services

The firm provides Japanese-speaking and reading and writing resources for its clients who have such needs in the course of their business dealings.